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John Wayne Rare Custom Doll
John Wayne

Custom made Bisque and Cloth John Wayne Doll

16" tall and made in 1987

This is the information I was given by the person I bought it from in September 2009:

"This is what I know about this doll. When I was a kid the woman who raised me belonged to a doll club. Her sister-in law also belonged to it. Everyone used to take their dolls to a third lady who would fire them. Later, the third lady began sculpting dolls, made molds from them and would sell them to the other women. Like an Elvis I sold earlier, this is one of the dolls sculpted by the third lady. It was painted and clothed by the sister-in-law and when the woman who raised me died, this and all her dolls (and her house on a private lake), went the the aunt whose stuff I've been selling."

"Anyway, this is number 2 of probably 10 or less dolls made! He has an incredible paint job with eyes that though painted, look like glass! He's been displayed, but nobody's ever played with him and he has no signs of such."

"His body is cloth and marked by the sister-in-law who painted him and did the clothes. His head, part of his shirt, scarf, part of his shirt, forearms in shirt, hands and cowboy boots are bisque! He's dressed in a two piece navy blue or black (I can't tell), outfit with beige cuffs like a uniform. He has red longish beads on the front of his shirt and the military cuff part. He is also wearing a suede cloth fringed vest with a fringed pocket. All of the vest, too, is trimmed with the longish red beads."

Custom made John Wayne Doll

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